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The Spirit of Christmas   Leave a comment

Mitch Teemley


May the spirit of Christmas

the yearning to give

inhabit your heart

for as long as you live

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Where Your Treasure Is   Leave a comment

Frequently we adore, and put upon a throne

Those that seem more grand

In societal position or appearance

Oh God I pray to be ever cognizant

Of all creatures, and especially human kind

What the world calls poor and lowly

Is often where Your Spirit is I find

In a glance, a word, or deed, unexpectedly profound


It’s Christmas   2 comments

What Jesus said – 
I am the light of the world and hunger for your love and attention, not in the same way a flower needs the bee to take from its pollen to multiply, for I am of the Father who created all and brought it into being – illustrating interdependence as an example of your need of the Spirit.

The Spirit lives in You and will live on forever. When it grows dark, light still exists – only with the eyes of the heart can it be seen – and then it dawns upon the mortal mind that it is not alone and only exists through the Spirit.

Listen for your calling as it is meant for you to hear and to know that you are loved and surrounded by a mighty force of peace and protection – that your soul is guarded and guaranteed a place with your Creator in paradise.  

Jesus came to teach these things and to reach your heart and still your mind and overturn old ideas of a law that has passed.  A new day has come, and still is, that we have the glorious privilege to witness and embrace, to receive the love of the One who loves us more than we can fathom.

It’s Christmas all the time.


How to diffuse a political debate   Leave a comment

This is the only way to take “de-bait”FB1

~ A December Day Remembered ~   Leave a comment

Attune to tides, and shifting light

All is worth recording to recall

That there was a moment

Even if only for a moment

Where peace and time stood still and paramount



Unconditional Love   Leave a comment

Companions in this life

Always wait for us in the next



For Baxter   4 comments

December 4, 2015 –

This has been a day of spiritual happenings in ways compounding one another like no other


First a miracle story of one woman unable to sleep

Tossing and turning she asked God, Why…why can’t I sleep

The answer came clear as a bell

Go tell Nina that I have a purpose for her


As soon as she was able

Which wasn’t at that momemt

For both women were in jail

She found Nina and told her God’s message


Nina could hardly believe what she heard

Only the night before feeling hopeless and helpless she had prayed

Oh God please tell me You have some purpose for me in this life

Both bonded in a way only God could design

How truly blessed am I to show up and be of service to these women

Who most of the time are of more service to me


Then on my way driving to work

Sharing this spirited morning with a friend

I heard an all too familiar thud

Turning to the left, two lanes across

A little white dog lie listless

His life immediately lost


I parked on a lawn

And left the car running

With my dog in the back

And ran to the pup and the man at his side

A woman quickly joined us

And I reached out my hands to pray

Oh God this little creature is now lifted to You

Bonded we four in this moment so close

Strangers with angels drawing so near


After tears and an embrace

We were again on our way

I was late to the store and a customer soon came

Smiling good morning I asked, How are you

She said, I just find out I’m pregnant – you’re one of the first to know


I thought of Baxter and a book that I recently read

About a dog named Enzo

Who came back as a boy




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