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Holding Peace   Leave a comment

It matters little what size we are

What’s most important is that we see things eye to eye

In disagreements big or small

We can agree that being different is no big deal at all



Holding Peace

Mood Swings   1 comment

When life feels burdensome or heavy

And our demeanor slips and shifts

The wings of angels 

Those we cannot see

Reach us through their fluttering

Displacing mortal attitudes

To lift us from despair

For heaven is our promised hope

And we sometimes need reminding

That what is now will soon be gone

Good or bad it shall not last

So mark the moment now

And thank your angel for her wings

And the hope she always brings


MOODY copy

The Sky is the Limit   2 comments



Not even the grandest of winged creations can fly

    Without first spreading their wings to try



Owning Things Without the Expense of Them Owning You   Leave a comment

Reminded me of another holiday coming – Easter — and I would prefer this over easter eggs …  Grateful I can appreciate this fine workmanship without having to own one — although I wouldn’t mind  as long as it came with G.ood O.rderly D.irection —


Searchlights   Leave a comment

We pray with longing

To hear and to answer Your calling


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