Taking Time   4 comments

I marvel at the setting sun in wonder of the artist’s hand offering a glimpse of its daily miracle
Suspended by the illusionary slowing down of time 
How tempting to believe that time can be confined 
Yet grateful for the reckoning of the sacredness of it all 
For every breath-filled moment under the sun, the moon, and stars
FB1 copy

4 responses to “Taking Time

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  1. That is one hell of a shot! stunning… Color combination is as viewed or post processed?


  2. Beautiful, both picture and words. I have this same color on my living room walls and I love how peaceful the color makes me feel. It is also, a nice backdrop to make paintings pop! I really love this one.


  3. Thank you for resonating with the depth and surprise that only Spirit can evoke — God bless you more 😉 and the love of God steeped into the walls of your heart 😉


  4. Thank you — It is post-processed — where now, I see the resemblance of an eagle hovering over the sun – this is one to print and meditate upon 😉


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