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Have a Heart   Leave a comment

Since Adam, and since Eve, so I am told

Is where the covering began — a cover-up we call clothes

We’ve stolen their plumage and called it a fashion

Reworking ourselves according to season

Of course not ever recalling the reason




Safe Harbor   Leave a comment

We all need a place where we can go

And still be utterly vulnerable

Where we can allow ourselves, despite ourselves, or circumstances

Simply be and ultimately surrender to the moment we call rest

As necessary as success

It has its own sound of victory

No cheers, no fanfare, no applause … the sound instead is naught

Replaced by what becomes a sacred soulful silence


For God So Loved the World   Leave a comment


For God So Loved the World that He gave His only Begotten Son — So that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life — John 3:16

Thank you God, Creator of All, that You did not stop there — but in addition, in spite of ourselves, for you know our shortcomings, continue to give, and to love us more than we could imagine — You only ask that we let You in … and to believe — and then without hesitation or prompting, our only response can be to love you wholeheartedly in return for that is all we have — for now we know that love is the greatest treasure.


Now   Leave a comment

To each his and her own separate, together with, distinct and so defined, in rhythm with the moment … the moment that is nowAttachment-1

Flower Fall   2 comments

Whether abound or abased 

You dear God are there to raise us up

And in all things and in all ways 

You have made all things beautiful



Every Moment is a Lifetime   1 comment

Proud Eagle Rising from Her Roots

You Can Fly if You Try   2 comments


My thoughts like air can rise above

Any circumstance or perceived obstacle

Imaginings can raise me far above

Beyond what mortals see

To soar with heaven’s angels

So long as my thoughts are stayed on Thee

To spread my wings is to inform

To reveal God’s majesty

Here we are, not for ourselves

But to simply be

The beautiful mysterious miracle

God made each of us to be



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