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An Act of Faith   Leave a comment

Some hang on for dear life

For others, it is just a part of their life

But when what is most desired is in sight

To achieve it we must at times, completely and simply 

Release, and Let Go 


Mother Earth   4 comments

If we called it home instead of earth

Would we treat her differently



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Of My Own Self I Can Do Nothing   2 comments

Let’s reform our energy to create a climate that needs to change
Societal and religious thinking to be rearranged
To lift this burden and to heal the shamed
Who have been led to think that God’s to blame

This day I pray for all to be blessed
Believer, doubter, atheist, the rest
While we’re on earth, we’re on the same boat
It’s only Love that can heal us and keep us afloat
So let’s row in sync not mired in quiescence  
Love’s derivative is action; not fruitless sentiments 



Respect for All Beings   4 comments

It doesn’t matter who we are … or where we think we need to be

Sometimes you just have to stop with respect for who was there first 

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Trust …. with your whole heart – not part – but all   1 comment

… and He will direct your path …

Proverbs 3:5,6FB

Consideration   Leave a comment

Where we’re headed has as much to do

With where we’ve been

No matter how gently or abrupt

We always create a wake

Intentional or not



Fruition Takes Time   2 comments

What I imagine to be the the best or highest possible achievement is always less than what is possible with God —

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