A Force of Nature   2 comments

From a pine-covered sanctuary under thunderous rolling rumbling skies I see

The moving waters forceful press against the reeds

Surrendering to the mounting steady breeze

The wildlife has disappeared

Wing-ed ones no more in flight

And earthbound creatures shiver in the shadows of their cover

In the west the skies a luminescent azure blue

Face the drape of a dark gray curtain closing

A butterfly erratically in motion

Life threatened by the coming rain

To it, one drop, a murderous moist-filled boulder

Everything on earth is good

Except when confronted with extremes

The storms … they seem to be

The mirror of our pain, and our affliction

Yet clearing quiet summer skies

Adorned by sun-swept radiant clouds

Pronounce with vibrant vigor our Creator’s majesty

Over all this world’s temporal adversity



2 responses to “A Force of Nature

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  1. How very beautiful! Thank you so very much for sharing your precious Gifts.


  2. You’re so very welcome – Precious are the gifts from God, as you clearly know 😉


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