When the Wind and Waters Rage   2 comments

No matter what the inner voices have said

Whether damning words of fault and dread

The truth of the precious unreplaceableness of you and me

Is softly, sweetly, swiftly, in a time of need 

Spoken in a whisper

Our Creator’s emissary

A Spirit filled tsunami 

Guardian angel, Holy Spirit, Word of God, Christ on High

Have my heart drown out the lies 

With Your all consuming powerful ever present love 

How beautiful, astounding, more wonderfully amazing could it be 

That loving Spirit living inside of you and me

Dispelling all we fear

The promise of life to come

The battle won

If only I could see beyond what is imagined

Heaven in its glorious splendor for all eternity 

How minuscule, how incidental all else becomes

When You, oh God, and we are One

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2 responses to “When the Wind and Waters Rage

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  1. Simply beautiful. 😊


  2. Thank you Sóla … Checked out your blog too – well done 😉 God bless you to continue to be inspired ~


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