Verifying Love   Leave a comment

Oftentimes I find the presence of God most profoundly in the least expected circumstances.

While on a call to register for an exam I’ll soon be taking, the representative, named Reinya, asked me to spell my name — As it is common, he verified the correct spelling with a word universally familiar to represent each letter. (How many times have you done this yourself, right? — I for Idaho, O, for Oscar, Y, for yellow, etc.)

In verifying the last two letters of my last name he said, “L for Love … L for Love …”

“Wow! That was a first,” I thought …

I told him I much I appreciated the association and added, “God bless you!”

He responded. “God bless you too.” 

Although we couldn’t see each other, I know we were both smiling.

I replied, “I don’t know if you believe in Jesus or ascribe to a higher power but I hope you do.”

He answered, “100%!”

At that moment I looked up to the sky and saw that the clouds had parted just enough to form a huge heart of blue … I told him about the clouds and the heart because I could barely believe it — We finished our business, and the conversation ended with a flurry of blessings for one another.

Not wanting to let go of this moment and what felt sacred, my imagination drifted to a day in heaven, where I would meet Reinya, and recall this time of shared faith and the presence of God.



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