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There was a decree that went all throughout the land of MoreORLess –

For the inhabitants to become more self-less

In order to accomplish such a lofty goal

The King charged his court

To come up with a plan


The King’s voice was gentle yet firm

It is time for the people to learn

You are all so rich yet so spiritually poor

My subjects seem only interested in more

This has to change if you are to survive


The King’s Court wondered how on earth to get this done

And realized that two or more is better than one

How to get the King’s subjects to give up their plenty

Would take a village or at least a committee


The Chancellor was appointed to assemble the group

But all whom he asked cast their eyes down with a frown

With the paltry excuse that they were previously engaged

This caused the Chancellor to become frustrated then enraged


His countenance grew as his temper rose

He shook his fist without haste and said in that case

If you won’t volunteer, you’ll be volun-told!


The committee was formed and the work had begun

No one among them had even a clue where to start

Where do you begin to change someone’s heart


One member declared that even with the gallows being a threat

People would run rather than give what is theirs and go into debt


Another one argued — How could it be

Everyone on our roles is extremely wealthy


Then the counselor piped up

If we give what we have

Perhaps we’ll receive

Even more than we had


That was a concept that had never been tried

The choice is yours to either try it or die

Our very lives depend on our success


We have all worked hard and earned more or less

And have always been abundantly blessed

Obviously the King knows more than us

Let’s not do this by force but rather … just trust

Consider this – We haven’t been forcibly taxed

The decree only states that we ask

Each and every citizen of MoreOrLess

To voluntarily give and be joyfully blessed


Then the Banker rose to speak next

The King’s decree is onerous indeed

I have nineteen children to feed

Is this a request … or is this just a test?

Exhausted from trying to think their way through

These volun-told men didn’t know what to do


For the first time fear entered the kingdom of MoreOrLess

This unknown invisible foe caused insurmountable stress

Exhausted and emptied for days without rest


Suddenly they realized the solution might be easily met

If they only first tried to give to one another instead


The first to admit he’d be willing to give

Would at least get to live


The Banker surrendered and opened his purse

And to his surprise something warm happened inside

A feeling so great he couldn’t give it a price

The more that he gave they greater it grew


Without haste they began to give to each other

And all beamed with delight

Their coffers never emptied –

And their hearts overflowed


The King was so pleased he issued a new decree

He promised to never let any of his subjects hunger or thirst

As long as they kept another one first –


As a wise one one of old once declared –

Don’t ever think that you are less

Only think of your self less

And you will always be blessed





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