Now is All We Have   2 comments

Yesterday was but a dream

Feasting on the weather

Taking rest and deep breaths under a southern golden sun

A polo match in the distance 

Ponies in their paddocks taking ease

Sharing nature with her best

Freezing images for this day to be easily recalled


Then suddenly without warning

Reality was rearranged

Our rescue pup, who has already suffered far too much

Went into anaphylactic shock


It is not what suddenly occurs

But how we choose to respond

Is what matters all the more


Racing to a frantically found local ER

Her very life seemed quickly fading

Vets and skillful techs answered well their call


Today with rest and comfort 

Grateful for life and all its earthly temporary preciousness

Clinging to all that is good

I say, Yes God … Yes I know

And I truly do believe in life eternal with Thee for all

But in this day, and in this moment now, I am so grateful for

Our family still on earth with us in tact




2 responses to “Now is All We Have

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  1. My HEART is with you all. Sweet Blessings, dear Ones. In Love, Betty


  2. Thank you 😉 Hearts, prayers, blessings – is the best remedy for all ..


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