It is Always Now   5 comments

I pray here now to declare

Your presence ever vibrant here

To speak aloud Your glories

In the eyes that meet You in the mirror of Your creation

To not absorb my self with self

But rather selflessly release

Free will to become one with Yours

Harness thoughts that seek an unknown future

Speed the track from past to present

Memories that shackle when dwelt upon too long

Or living in an impossible tomorrow

In an air that only You can breathe

Bring me back to this moment

Where I can be of love and service to live in full expression

Like a flower blooming on the vine

Never minding fate of wilting, falling

Back to earth then heavenward where the journey never ends

While still unfurling petals grow to magnify its beauty

With nature all surrounding giving homage to You near


5 responses to “It is Always Now

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  1. Both the picture and the poem are truly beautiful, Doreen! Thank you for sharing. đź’ž


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  3. You’re so welcome … So grateful to share with a kindred soul with chin turned up to light …

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  4. You always help me to see our Everlasting Light


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