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The Truth Does Set Us Free   1 comment

I pray this podcast helps to heal and shed light on a subject society is still so uncomfortable with … 

Thanking God for the truth that does set us free …

Thoughts Have Wings   Leave a comment


December 16, 2006   1 comment

December 16, 2006
– The most important document in my files –
At first meeting I thought you might be with me for just a while
Great friends, loving God, and each other
But God had bigger plans
For which I am grateful for in ways that words could never tell
But I will at least try and publicize
For all the world to know – ‘I love you
You are beautiful in kindness of heart, and in body and soul my Lisa Feistel’
…. I do 😉

Kenya Hear Me – Help Save our Endangered Elephants   2 comments

We have just adopted 11 month old baby elephant Roi from Sheldrick Wildlife Trust with proceeds from our Kenya Hear Me T shirt sales. Wearing a shirt helps spread the word — Please turn one adoption into many  — Kenya Hear Me — Help save our elephants and other precious wildlife from becoming extinct … Together there’s so much we can do … Go to Kenya Hear Me Facebook to purchase this one of a kind elephant art shirt for $25 and become part of‪#‎goteamivory‬ … ‪#‎kenyahearme‬

Angels & Petunias   1 comment

This presentation, inspired by two of God’s beautiful creatures, ANGEL 1yr.old photo
Angel and Petunia, whose lives transformed mine, I hope will transform the lives of others – Recently presented at the Planetree International Healthcare Conference. –

We Are Never Alone   2 comments

When our thoughts are too much to bear we hold our head in our hands —


When our heart is so heavy and feels as though it’s breaking – there are no hands that can hold it –


Only the compassionate heart of another can sustain it –





“Think Occasionally of the Suffering of Which You Spare Yourself the Sight – Albert Schweitzer   Leave a comment

This Monday, October 13, at 9am I’ll be speaking at the Planetree Conference in support of animal rights — and the importance of our all taking a part as rescuers — The animal kingdom has even begun to speak to me in dreams. Last night I dreamed of a dolphin. It was so vivid, I woke up crying — Their crisis is inflicted by human hands and we can do something to help them — In so doing, we rescue ourselves …

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