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December 16, 2006   1 comment

December 16, 2006
– The most important document in my files –
At first meeting I thought you might be with me for just a while
Great friends, loving God, and each other
But God had bigger plans
For which I am grateful for in ways that words could never tell
But I will at least try and publicize
For all the world to know – ‘I love you
You are beautiful in kindness of heart, and in body and soul my Lisa Feistel’
…. I do 😉

Kenya Hear Me – Help Save our Endangered Elephants   2 comments

We have just adopted 11 month old baby elephant Roi from Sheldrick Wildlife Trust with proceeds from our Kenya Hear Me T shirt sales. Wearing a shirt helps spread the word — Please turn one adoption into many  — Kenya Hear Me — Help save our elephants and other precious wildlife from becoming extinct … Together there’s so much we can do … Go to Kenya Hear Me Facebook to purchase this one of a kind elephant art shirt for $25 and become part of‪#‎goteamivory‬ … ‪#‎kenyahearme‬

Angels & Petunias   1 comment

This presentation, inspired by two of God’s beautiful creatures, ANGEL 1yr.old photo
Angel and Petunia, whose lives transformed mine, I hope will transform the lives of others – Recently presented at the Planetree International Healthcare Conference. –

We Are Never Alone   2 comments

When our thoughts are too much to bear we hold our head in our hands —


When our heart is so heavy and feels as though it’s breaking – there are no hands that can hold it –


Only the compassionate heart of another can sustain it –





“Think Occasionally of the Suffering of Which You Spare Yourself the Sight – Albert Schweitzer   Leave a comment

This Monday, October 13, at 9am I’ll be speaking at the Planetree Conference in support of animal rights — and the importance of our all taking a part as rescuers — The animal kingdom has even begun to speak to me in dreams. Last night I dreamed of a dolphin. It was so vivid, I woke up crying — Their crisis is inflicted by human hands and we can do something to help them — In so doing, we rescue ourselves …

World Elephant Day   Leave a comment

What an incredible surprise and a gift for us!!
After the World Elephant Day March, this kind and compassionate man, Tim Scott, pictured here — just happened to catch my partner, Lisa Feistel’s passionate on stage plea at the end of the march. Tim Scott’s work concerns environmental rights, and unfair treatment of animals, at the United Nations —  He invited seven of us marchers to take a personally guided tour of the United Nations. What an amazing day, and tour of the U.N.  Today was one of those days that the Spirit’s presence was palpable and unforgettable –

To further mark this momentous occasion we all agreed to begin a new group – #GoTeamIvory to join the mounting and much needed support to see the end of the ivory trade. I will be posting more information on how to join #GoTeamIvory and how you can help to end the ivory trade – Kenya Hear Me –

God bless and protect our animal kingdom – We are their voice –
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