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God Raise Me to Your Eternal Joy   Leave a comment

With thanks I lift my heart to You

To know the unexpected

Amazed by what I see

In my heart where your eyes see

Today friends in love unite

Surrounded by your presence

The flora bouquet of Your delights

Alive with more I pray each day



A New Chapter   Leave a comment


A requiem of imaginations

Reeling from the world’s machinations

Caught up in a plot that guaranteed a happy ending


Slipping from a familiar shore

Believing to cross and suffer not

Growing stronger with each stroke


You Oh God of heaven, Oh God of earth

I know you saw me there

And hoped, did I, that You my God


Would deliver me safely to new shores

All in tact and better fit

For the course I had endured


Did I ask at anytime, Oh God if this plan of mine, is also a plan of Yours?

How often do I set about to do what I believe

But outcomes prove another end


A twisting turnabout in the mystery of life

For my Creator, our Creator

Sometimes has a different plan


My faith led me to a distant shore

Hope gave me strength to stay afloat

My expectancy still had failed


Disappointment weighed me down

Then faith and hope returned

With wisdom from above


Assuring that the only fault

Is the frailty of humanity

Relying on a vision of mortal short-sightedness


God’s plan includes us all

To bring about a healing, and a victory that still reveals

That God’s ways are incredible and indecipherably supreme


Remember and retell the story of salvation to all nations

Bringing comfort to weary souls

That will bring us to a clear new day that rings with everlasting joy


The promise of our heavenly home – and this struggling no more




Commitment   Leave a comment

Wishing cannot make it so – It is only when we first commit our foot to take a step that the all else will follow –




Sometimes It’s Just a Matter of How We Look at Things   3 comments

Even when it seems as if there’s nothing we can do

To escape the weather or to change an outcome

We have God’s given free-will  power, to change our attitude







Proverbs 3: 5-6   Leave a comment

Even when I don’t know exactly where I’m headed

If I’m aligned with God I know I won’t regret it



Preparing to Succeed   Leave a comment

We all have to begin somewhere

With courage to exercise what we’ve been given

At first taught by imitation

Then soon to take first freedom flight

With gusting sweep and swelling heart of unknown limitation





How to Maintain a Healthy Heart   Leave a comment

It’s natural to not always see things eye to eye

But it takes courage not to walk away

And instead confront our differences face to face

Overcoming obstacles that only block our heart





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