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God Thank you for the Further Proof of Your Existence   Leave a comment

For every living creature I have loved still is loved

Growing greater with every remembrance

May it be with Your love in me to deeply love all near to me

I pray to hold one another in the highest esteem

And when challenged by self-righteous judgment to first look in the mirror

For the prison bars of grievances to have no power

Over love that can never be hidden from your eyes

I claim this day to walk with You

To take time to embrace the beauty that can always be found when sought

For You who lives in each of us is always near

Exposing truth, expressing love, in both the obvious and sometimes mysterious

For your ways may be impervious to knowing

But we know without a doubt when You’ve been here


We Are What We Eat   Leave a comment


Where would we be without the ball

A simple rounded shape that changed our civilization

When first discovering the wheel

But some would agree that greater still

Is the invention of the ball


Why We Need God   Leave a comment

Oh God, why do I stray

When You have shown You always know the way

The way that leads to peace, and joy, and life

You who are a constant source of strength for challenges unknown

The days of infancy are frail, and so vulnerable

We cannot survive alone

Now full grown I need You still

And desire You even more

Knowing that without You near

I am still so frail, and so vulnerable


Why We Need You

Life for Life   2 comments

I may not know or understand

The reasons or ways that life perpetuates itself

But I trust that God does, and has a plan

That in the end we will all come awake

To live and love in an eternal life

A life with every living creature that has ever been

To forever rejoice and celebrate


Best Health Tip Ever   Leave a comment

Hugs for optimal health – multiplied benefits for both the giver and the receiver 😉


The Fruits of Life   Leave a comment

There’s nothing more simple or valuable

Than just being with the ones we love


FBPetunia Mom's Day

Feeling the Love   4 comments

We attended a birthday party today for a dear friend of ours – that overflowed to a tailgate party for Petunia —

Many of our friends knew of Petunia but didn’t know until today her whole story of recovery after being found in an alleyway in Baltimore, severely burned and starved only one year ago this month – One by one people came out from the party to visit her, making this a very happy day for this girl God has given us all to love – #FeelingTheLove




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