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New Beginnings   Leave a comment

When starting most endeavors I always ask for help

‘Oh God please bring Your Spirit here for what would be the best’

And in the end, no matter what, all will be well when the Spirit is in the mix 

This, of course, does not include our mortal vices

For example, let’s say roulette

Shortcomings and addictions I surrender to God instead 😉

However, life’s choices can be a gamble but with God there’s little risk



Beezalias   1 comment

All we see sometimes is the final result 

And not the work behind the scene

Nothing really great gets done

Without the help

Of Someone






Wings of Prayer   Leave a comment

When I let go will you be there

When I lean in far enough to fall

Will you be there to lift me when I call

You who made us all, tethered to the earth


Except for prayers that no know bounds

And never go unheard

On wings of Angels, our plea filled words

Are carried and known before they are even uttered





Hungry for Change   Leave a comment

Last week when my struggling-to-get-ahead nephew asked me for advice, I recommended this book, The Greatest Salesman, by Og Mandino. I had read it in the early 80s and to this day, the author’s life-changing messages still remain with me.

My nephew’s appetite for changing his circumstances was so voracious that he digested the book almost overnight. He asked if I had any other advice and I recommended reading The Greatest Miracle by the same author.

Today I sat across from a car salesman whom my partner Lisa was dealing with to potentially make a purchase. On his desk was the same book. I haven’t seen a copy of this book anywhere in years.

I had to take his picture and tell him the story about my nephew. Deranty, the car salesman, asked me to write down the name of the book that I suggested my nephew should read as a follow-up, so he too could continue to reap more benefits.

I love hungry people. Hungry for change… Hungry to be better… The seekers… This is how I see the world becoming a better place… And how I see the Spirit demonstrating the evidence of God at work.



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