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Mother Earth   4 comments

If we called it home instead of earth

Would we treat her differently



FB copy

Readiness   2 comments

Life need not be about

Our swiftness or our flight

Far more to our advantage would it be

To walk with circumspection

And be always on our toes



On our Toes

Courage to Change   1 comment

You may not see things the way I do

But all of us share, and all of us need

Each other in which to live

Every choice we make can be an offering for some, or a sacrifice for others

Choose wisely as one day we all must lay down our life 

May the reason and the cause for what we choose

Leave us with a clear conscience and a clean heart

‘…And the Courage to Change the Things We Can’





Housekeeping for the Soul   Leave a comment

Why is it so, the importance of

Identifying feelings

Like dust upon a shelf

Once noticed it is dealt with

Only for more particles to inhabit

 What we continue to try to sweep away


A never-ending round of introspection

Soul’s vigilant inspection

Calling cleaning crew

To cleanse our hearts

And make us daily, new


Housekeeping for the Soul

More to be Grateful for   Leave a comment

Today our housekeeper, Jennie asked if I could pick up a driver’s manual for her. I was on my way to Dennis, MA anyway which was about ten miles from the motor vehicle department. Although, it did add another unplanned item on my list for the day.

As I was processing my inner annoyance to this and trying to realign my thinking, as to doing something good for someone else, a deer ran in front of my vehicle. The song on the radio was playing, “Don’t Try So Hard.” Gratefully, the deer seemed well enough to recover and ran off into the woods. Pieces of his hair are still under my hood but my car and I are okay.

After I picked up the driver’s manual and held it in my hands I suddenly realized how much there is for me to learn and to be grateful for.



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