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I Find You When I Seek You   6 comments

I’ll keep my eye on You
To distract me from a world that’s torn apart
For my world with You
Is whole and filled with peace
When I keep my eye on you

We are not far from forever
We are living here and now each day for the better
While my heart runs its race with quickened pace to find its way to You
I think of living now as Our forever

Coincidence, a nod from You
Vibratory sunset hues
An angel in disguise
Shows me You are near
Not just now but always and forever


Seeking Shade from the Mid-Day Sun   Leave a comment

There are some days that are filled only with the present

And the future is hardly a thought

Trusting God with tomorrow

I pray no fear for these creatures here

And that we who call ourselves civilized

Realize how much every single life matters


Can We Bring Back the Color   Leave a comment

There is so much of me you do not see

You’re blinded by the color

The details, clear and sharp, are blurred

Like words that drunkards slur


You paint a stroke so careless and so broad

And gather all you can to self

As though there’s no one else


Changes occur so slowly; you’re too self absorbed to notice

Then like a storm of unrelenting lightning strikes

Realizations, undeniable, and frightening

The world as you once knew it

Has begun to disappear


Your hoarding, greed, and fear, and doubt

Sucked out all the color of your life

The choice is sacred, now supreme

And there’s only one to make

Will it be black — Will it be white


What you perceive as gray — is held together by grace

Like a reckless child, the rest you have erased

Only black and white remain

And that too, is fading fast


Oh God, I pray bring back the color to our world

When care-free choices once were many

I frolicked through each season

Taking for granted, there would be a next


 The evidence, the knowledge, is a stark and grievous burden

One more chance, I beg to see

To save what’s left of me

Then with hope, to save another

That we, with You, bring back to life, the wonder, and the color





~~Prayers Always Foster Progress 😉 ~~
Petunia’s latest update due to the unparalleled love and dedication of Noah’s Ark Rescue’s medical team –
–Thank you friends for your prayers, love, and support – “We are their voice”
~Our sweet girl is doing incredible. The worst is over for her and now it is just a matter of time before all or most of her hair grows back in. All of the infected areas have dried up and she no longer has to have any more debriding sessions. It is hard to believe it has taken five weeks to get her to where she is today. She is no longer on any pain medication and her bloodwork is totally stable. Our sweet little girl is slowly blossoming into a beautiful Swan. In another month, you will not even recognize her. She will remain in the hospital to stay on top of her care to make sure she does not go backwards. She is still getting special baths every other day to keep her comfortable and is showered with unconditional love and all the hugs and kisses she can stand.

Thanks for helping us with her medical bills and being there when she needed us most. Without you, none of this would be possible. THANK-YOU from the bottom of our hearts and the bottom of sweet Petunia’s pink little toes. ~


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