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We Came from Madagascar – The Lemur –   Leave a comment

We’re living in a sanctuary a continent from home

Where we’re loved and we’re protected before our numbers die

Without co-existence of all life a priority

All that lives one day could be

Subject to extinction – Myakka City, FL


Angels & Petunias   1 comment

This presentation, inspired by two of God’s beautiful creatures, ANGEL 1yr.old photo
Angel and Petunia, whose lives transformed mine, I hope will transform the lives of others – Recently presented at the Planetree International Healthcare Conference. –

We Both Had a Ball   2 comments

I have reflected on this moment more times than I can count — 

It was like living out a Norman Rockwell scene.

Angel had special needs because she could not undo the damage inflicted on her as an abused pitbull because of the cruelty of others. We had to always be careful that where we walked her would be the least likely place to find other dogs – So, to have a freedom swim with her this day without a leash was a one and only .

I loved her with my whole heart —  Love demands nothing less – and freely gives everything in return.

~ You are now truly free my friend ~






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