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Shadows   1 comment

In every day there is opportunity to see things differently

To turn the ordinary to extraordinary

With a different point of view 



Only the Heart Can See Clearly   Leave a comment

Sometimes what we’re seeking is right before our eyes

We get so blinded by how we think it should appear

That if we are not careful, it might just pass us by


A Medical Appointment   Leave a comment

I gathered my strength to be a patient

For another medical appointment

To keep my peace and quiet my thoughts 

I brought a book I thought I’d need

But then there was no time to read

I squeezed its spine to quiet my mind

As though it were a comforting hand

Its volume thick — its pages unturned

Vulnerable, yet ready

Like a friend who need not say a word

But only remain sure and steady

Waiting to be needed


I once was blind

But now I see

What eyes cannot

Unless they have a heart



I Once Was Blind

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Into Me You See   Leave a comment

On the other side of the face I show

A constant burning ember glows

Hidden there to protect herself

From wind and water and earthly blows

Gasping she must for air to keep her ember glowing there

She draws like one breathing underwater from a straw

Through God given glowing orbs

You see her there

Unable to keep the secret of

Love – The essence of her glow

Burning as long as life allows

Through liquid eyes

The portal of her heart




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