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Baptism Requires Getting Wet   Leave a comment

In waters deep or shallow

I pray to keep rekindling this truth

To live today and give to You tomorrow

On my own I would drown in a puddle of doubt and sorrow

But with You, my God of all things possible

We can walk on water





The Rosetta Spoonbill and the Photographer   Leave a comment

I will allow you to come near

And trust you will not intrude

Although your contraption looks absurd

You stare and speak with kindly words

You say you’re fascinated by my plumage and my bill


Our Creator gave me a lifetime lasting covering

With this wonderful added utensil

For I can forage, and I can fly

I can prune my wings and in this warm sun stand here and dry


What of you, oh two-legged creature squatting there

With that thing raised to your eye


Covered almost head to toe

You must have something to hide




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