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We Are Never Alone   2 comments

When our thoughts are too much to bear we hold our head in our hands —


When our heart is so heavy and feels as though it’s breaking – there are no hands that can hold it –


Only the compassionate heart of another can sustain it –





A Free Bird   Leave a comment

If our hearts were made of brick the mortar would be tears


Life demands nothing less than to dissolve our hardened hearts


To free us from these pain-filled walls

With each tear shed, another brick falls


Unable to withstand the Spirit’s call

This stony heart, is now a veil of Sacred tears


The angels enter to do the Spirit’s work

With firm resolve by God’s commission

Their promise is to never leave

By free will, that gift from God

The Spirit’s treasures are released


Tears still are shed, but now are shared

A salty pool of mixed emotions

Some days in pain, but most in joy

Assured that we are not alone

And the work we do, is not in vain




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