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The Signs of New Beginnings   2 comments

Angels woo me with their murmurings

Assurance that they’re near

Taunting, almost haunting their energy so clear

Like water purified and rushing to carbonate the soul

To inspire one to inquire how to reach the highest spire

While still tethered to the earth

Prayers authored by the heart

Rise above this graven gravity

Informed by the eternal, ignited by God’s love


A Couple of Firsts   Leave a comment

One of my first instructors in photography taught me that the eye will always be drawn to the light in the image.

That struck me as profound and still does even more so today – Whether conscious or not, light is what we seek and what inwardly we know is life.

For me, God is my light, God is love, and has provided a promised path to follow –

Another first — When I heard this scripture in my first formal study of scripture from Genesis to Revelation – it literally burned into my heart, and the heart of my memory.

Proverbs – 3:5,6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways – acknowledge Him – and He will direct your paths.

That path is the light and love of God that each day I must commit to follow anew. I sometimes don’t know where it will lead but I trust in the Lord with all my heart to follow — For me the alternative would be living in the shadows with fear and doubt.

I love God, I love light, and yes, I love, and am grateful for the gift of photography — to continue to search for the light and live it through pictures, and with words to magnify God’s presence, I pray.


We are the Solution   Leave a comment

Let’s get this straight

In a world that’s overweight and overwrought, and overspent 

With food and drugs and shopping sprees

Running from dark clouds not overhead

But from inner dread

Digesting all the news we’re fed

At every turn another unexpected thing

Turns us back to overcoming suffering 

Not withstanding truth

The unbeliever’s soul

Sinks deeper in its hole

Appearing pretty 

Feeling shitty

The stench no cologne can quench 

What shall we do

I’ve heard it said

I can turn your head

But I cannot make you look

If you read me to the end

Please do not pretend

That this is mere exaggeration

Our world is whirling towards its predetermined destination

And we have heard in one way or another

God’s solemn invitation

To seek and serve in the light of spiritual solutions 

Get off your butts and your whatevers

And stand back from the cliff

Neither food or drugs or shopping sprees

And countless other maladies

Will assuage the guilt and shame

Let love have its day

To hold our hand through all the terror of discomfort

And even if you still refuse to believe

Love is sure to at least instill you with her peace

And that’s a place we can begin

To extend a hand and greet each other 

Not with fists and fear but with a smile and a kindly word

Spoken in a time of need 

A verse that has no need to be rehearsed

For the Spirit of Truth and Love is always at the ready 





Trust …. with your whole heart – not part – but all   1 comment

… and He will direct your path …

Proverbs 3:5,6FB

Flower Fall   2 comments

Whether abound or abased 

You dear God are there to raise us up

And in all things and in all ways 

You have made all things beautiful



God’s presence is both amazing and utterly humbling   2 comments

I walked outside my door tonight before the light was past

With camera in hand, and hope for what I’d find

But right outside the door these paper like majestic blooms caught me by surprise

Not one, but two that I might not miss

That what I seek is right before my eyes




Dance With Me in the Moonlight   Leave a comment

Silence dances in the moonlight to a tune only few can hear

She’s waiting for her call

Her silver slippers race in haste to catch the waiting Moonbeam

A celestial train for which she holds a ticket

Transported by the luminaries to bring solace and purpose to the hungry souls of earth

A rhythmic tide each day reminds us she is ever near

Lapping waters that soothe our soul soon become a waterfall

After each of us receive our call

To dance hand in hand with the Divine

With you and me and she makes three

I pray to dance with you for all eternity …



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