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You are Greatly Valued   Leave a comment

This morning while considering my long to-do list I wanted to take a short-cut, but after thinking it through, I realized it would be the opposite of what I desire for my life – and would only serve to cut the good of my life short — Then as I looked upon the sun streaked floor, I saw a hair floating downward through the air –


I saw a strand of hair today

Falling to the floor

Reminding me oh Lord

Of You, who knows of each and every part


As a loving mother who first counts ten fingers and ten toes

Your word declares You care and count

Each and every strand of hair


So how could I, knowing this is true

Think that I am not enough

To please You, and succeed

Beyond imagining what is possible with Thee



FB Every Detail

Amen   Leave a comment

Imagination is the best way to travel 

And humility is the highway to heaven


God Blesses the Giver   Leave a comment

Practice your gifts

For they are meant to be expressed, and then to be shared


Treasures become more valuable when others can see their beauty and their usefulness


The Life-giver is magnified, when acknowledged with gratitude, as the source


And in turn we are doubly blessed


Meet Mia —
The painting in the background is Mia with her brother Bruno — Gemma, Mia’s mom, told me the painting was done by her very talented sister and artist, Bobby Tummolo and that it was inspired by a photo that I had taken of the sibling duo. — Perhaps this new photo will inspire another painting — I call this, “Mia on Mia”

Mia on Mia with Bruno

Love is Enough   Leave a comment

Simple are my words to Thee

My offering contrite

If compared by mortal’s measure


All your gifts are just enough

For me to knead and form

To make anew

And return to You

With love which pleases You

Because You know my heart





Turning Things Around   Leave a comment

My early beginnings led to the gutter

But the seed of the Spirit was planted, not buried

To witness life now from a miraculous perspective



FBTurning Things Around

Elements   Leave a comment

Oh God, your love, like water and light

Essential for survival

Search me out and purge all doubt

To prove at last, that darkness has no power




Worthy of the Waiting   Leave a comment

Oh Spring how slow you seem to be

That every hour I seek a bud to flower

Then at last without a warning

The miracle of hope is born

Proof of Spirit’s love and power




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