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This World is Not My Home   3 comments

In anxiousness I twitch and flinch

I shake a leg, not as a metaphor

Impatient waiting for I know not what

Meditate, relax, and breathe

Words that offer little ease

The present becomes difficult

When subconscious projects peace of mind existing only in the future

Concluding that desired outcomes

Offer sure security

The truth, God’s word, and Spirit’s presence

Is food for mind and heart and soul

Without these three I would only be

A vacuous worldly prop

So when I twitch and flinch

And become so discontent

Remind me God that this place

Is just a temporary earthly tent




The Listener   Leave a comment

I hear the dawn of light breaking

Silently, smoothly, smashing into bits

The dark, bleak, black of night

Her silence heard so clearly

To all who dare to be reborn




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