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What Jesus said – 
I am the light of the world and hunger for your love and attention, not in the same way a flower needs the bee to take from its pollen to multiply, for I am of the Father who created all and brought it into being – illustrating interdependence as an example of your need of the Spirit.

The Spirit lives in You and will live on forever. When it grows dark, light still exists – only with the eyes of the heart can it be seen – and then it dawns upon the mortal mind that it is not alone and only exists through the Spirit.

Listen for your calling as it is meant for you to hear and to know that you are loved and surrounded by a mighty force of peace and protection – that your soul is guarded and guaranteed a place with your Creator in paradise.  

Jesus came to teach these things and to reach your heart and still your mind and overturn old ideas of a law that has passed.  A new day has come, and still is, that we have the glorious privilege to witness and embrace, to receive the love of the One who loves us more than we can fathom.

It’s Christmas all the time.


Tis the Season   Leave a comment

I don’t know from where the time will come

How on earth to ever get things done

But then at last I recall

I inhale deeply and my shoulders fall

Time is not essential for what is truly most important

Thoughts are not subject to the boundaries of time

With one thought everything can change – remember there is love, remember to love

And what my heart most desires becomes satisfied

And the cravings of the soul are assuaged by an attainable peace



Tis The Season1

Christmas, God be with Us   Leave a comment

Out of isolation

Through trials and tribulation

A family in dire need of celebration

Heartaches shared as one

A community of tears

Expressing doubts and fears

Oh dear God, it’s Christmas

Your faith, and hope, and Love, I pray, be in us




Christmas, God be With Us

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How Dreams Become Reality   Leave a comment


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