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Garbage In Garbage Out   Leave a comment

At home the trash comes once a week

To collect all that needs disposing

We sort and choose what can’t be used

And consume every bit of all of the rest

But what about the thoughts, and words, and deeds

That consume us everyday

How much of these are necessary

And how much needs to go




God is Wherever I Am   Leave a comment

Oh God I pray, whether the moon, or sun, or stars

Glisten, shine, or sparkle not

I find You in the deep, or in the dark


Things to Look Forward To and Their Importance   Leave a comment

The day began with vast to-do’s 

And decisions hard to make

But at the end I knew there’d be

A planned reward to look forward to 

And with God’s help, it’s often all we need to stay afloat



Sticking Close   Leave a comment

Oh God, why do I stray

When I know You always know the way

Leading to peace, and joy, and life

The source of strength for challenges unknown

The days of infancy are frail and vulnerable

And cannot be made alone

Now grown am I and need You still

And desire You even more

Knowing that without You near

I am still so frail and vulnerable



Perception   Leave a comment

God, I pray, please give to me

Eyes that see Your goodness

Beyond the darkness looming bright

Your love, true hope, and light


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What’s in Your Pantry   Leave a comment

An adolescent at the kitchen table

Picking at her food

Skirts around the vegetables 

Holds out for dessert

The cook and loving caregiver finger wagging says

Don’t you know that you are what you eat

Lessons still are never ending

While appetites keep changing

Not for food or more desserts

For now she knows the mind grows on what it’s fed

A body unled by Spirit has died long before it’s dead




Becoming   Leave a comment

At once, without notice, or expectancy

Your presence overwhelms

With suddenness and urgency

I become a part of what is whole

Oh God, how grateful, ever grateful am I always

To recreate an image

To mark where we have met



Seapia Signed

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