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What to Do with the News   1 comment

So let’s talk about the news

The kind you overhear or what you choose

All is, and all can be

A sacred opportunity for positivity

It is free will to walk according to The Way

To enliven our mind

To open our hearts

To raise up our voice



So, God, I pray

When I hear Your Spirit say

This is your battle to fight

This is your heart to mend

That I will respond humbly encouraged

To gratefully always say YES


Things are Looking Up   Leave a comment

You can float — And you can fly

And even walk if the ground is dry

Your very presence offers me

Reminders of endless possibilities




March On   3 comments

In this New Year – I overstretched – literally – Yoga postures accompany my three week routine at the gym but on January 1, I tested the boundaries of my limberness to a painful degree. I have since had acupuncture, massage with cupping, and tomorrow will see a chiropractor – Everyday I recount my gratitude for this being only temporary and for the gift of a more acute compassion for those who suffer greatly. Yesterday, I may have over-did it again in the Women’s March here in Sarasota, walking two miles over the Ringling Bridge. I don’t regret one uncomfortable step. I witnessed women in wheel chairs, walking with canes, and even reflected on those who suffered the cruelty of the holocaust. I know that out of pain comes great reward when we turn to garner its lessons for others to pave a better way for the future – And that is where we all are today, aren’t we? To care, to love, to trust, that all things work together for good for those who love God — At all times there are opportunity – if I see my situation as such – And seize it to be part of a greater solution for all – And in all things and in all ways to be thankful and act with love – to serve is a gift – to stand by idly only serves to block the way – So, to get out of the way we must get in the flow of service –

Words of wisdom, comfort, and truth that feed my soul and are medicine for my body – As we know worry is one of our greatest enemies – May these healing words prosper us all each day to live in thankfulness, with joy, ready to serve, sharing with one another.

How often I reflect on these words of Jesus that were written by the Apostle and physician, Luke.

Thank you Jesus – thank you Dr. Luke 😉

From the Gospel of Luke Chapter 12

24: “And how much more valuable you are than birds! Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life? Since you cannot do this very little thing, why do you worry about the rest?”


“Be dressed ready for service and keep your lamps burning, …”




Know the truth, the truth that will set us free and keep us free   1 comment

The truth will set you free — Yes indeed … First consider the source — do the research … our very lives and the lives of our posterity depends upon it … Thank you God for the indwelling Spirit of truth and your ever-recognizable love for us that cannot be contained, and only expands when shared — Make me a channel of your peace — a useful, resourceful, ever-seeking, never ceasing, always grateful, citizen of heaven.

Staying Alfoat   1 comment

In idleness I can only be

Tossed about upon the sea

But rather than wait with unknown expectancy

I’ll choose to use an oar

This action gives me purpose

Making headway towards the shore

With life force, pushing back against unwanted circumstance

I say yes to life, and fully trust that God is always by my side




Standing Strong   Leave a comment


In a world of psychological blight

When fear and doubt obstruct our sight

Foundations crack to rock us to the core

Shaken yet not overtaken


Never can we ever lose our grip

Engraved in each of us the promised hope

No matter what the world can hurl at us

The truth still stands and will remain


This life is dust; this world a passing vapor

As day winds down and life’s years taper

Take up the banner; embrace the fact

That Jesus Christ is coming back


Don’t take my word; see for yourself

Invest in what cannot be corrupted

A promise of peace uninterrupted

Assurance of faith and love upon which we can rely


Faith is believing in what you cannot yet see

I know you know that only fools are mystified

The disease of more, false hopes, and temporal bliss

Try to cloud the minds of  poor souls who might miss

The Spirit’s call of heavenly angels in our midst

We know better — Yes we do

Love was, love is, and always will

Conquer every ail, and in Christ, eternally prevail






Garbage In Garbage Out   Leave a comment

At home the trash comes once a week

To collect all that needs disposing

We sort and choose what can’t be used

And consume every bit of all of the rest

But what about the thoughts, and words, and deeds

That consume us everyday

How much of these are necessary

And how much needs to go




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