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Slowing Down   Leave a comment

The train has left the station — but my mind, that is speeding forth on a faster track, has already arrived at its predetermined destination — Unable to recount where I have been the rationale disguised as truth insists — “What you’ve missed is worth the price to get where you are going.” 


It requires a necessary discipline, halting tracks to slowing down — To reconnect with the source of life, that in its disregarded elegance seems to beg for my attention. How could I give Creator and creation praise … blinded sometimes by my own intentions?

I wind down, breathless and amazed … as though it is a first. This free, most precious gift exciting senses, calming soul with Spirit’s peace — bares a beauty that abounds with seeds for endless blooming.


Without them, the only good thing about summer would be the weather   Leave a comment

The scent of minted toothpaste escapes into the hall


Signals guests are rising


A new day in the business of hospitality


Two Jamaican women in white walk side by side to work


The day slowly beginning


Anticipated breakfast prepared by gifted hands


A vacuum soon will break the silence after guests have made their way


The seasonal support of workers, loyal to their call


No sick days in this culture


Committed to their tasks


God knows they are writers, actors, artists, mothers, nurses


Dancing through a summer


Until the winter comes


To practice the dream their labor longs for


Becoming playwright, singer, artist


On a stage that winter will leave barren


For the gifted staff of summer 



Summer Staff

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