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Two Hearts   1 comment

Lord, I pray before I dress

To consider all that you have blest

Put my thoughts to test

That in You all reliance rests


Consider this

And do not miss

What needs to be your daily quest


As far as the east is from the west

Is the extent of My love growing greater never less

On this truth You can surely rest

I have endowed you with my very breath

Given you a heart that beats

Ability with hands and feet

Knowledge of me when I speak


Welcome me as you would the morning sun

Trusting that the best is yet to come

Upon this path is born a new day bright

Where in your heart there glows a light

You call it love, I call it might

From which comes all that is good in life


Make this your engine’s driving force

Our hearts united on this daily course


Why We Need God   Leave a comment

Oh God, why do I stray

When You have shown You always know the way

The way that leads to peace, and joy, and life

You who are a constant source of strength for challenges unknown

The days of infancy are frail, and so vulnerable

We cannot survive alone

Now full grown I need You still

And desire You even more

Knowing that without You near

I am still so frail, and so vulnerable


Why We Need You

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