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Finally Landing   Leave a comment

Making a landing can be smooth or rough

Dependent on how you plan

First chart a course

Then pack a lot of prayer


Oh God, you are my wind to lift

To determine my ascent

But more important is when I land

With faith and trust that You are always there






What We Leave Behind   Leave a comment

Generations have come and gone

String quartets and barbecues

She received them all

Weddings, writers, and one-nighters

She knows their secrets well

No wonder when one enters here

They’re unknowingly enchanted by her spell

The robins know just what to do

The partridge couples up to coo

The squirrels and coons all take their place

Our Spirit will forever be

A part of what’s now history


Doreen Birdsell

ByeBye copy

Saying good-bye — Sold but not gone ;)   Leave a comment

We have had eight amazing years being hosts and making memories with so many who have become friends that we will never forget. 

We came to Provincetown with a dream and a vision to make a life transition to become Innkeepers; now after eight years we are moving into a new vision. We have sold the Inn at Cook Street but you can still find us this coming season here in Provincetown.

We are so excited to share our new journey with you.  Doreen will be continuing in her career as a professional photographer, and now also a poet, and inspirational speaker, with her published book. You can continue to visit this blog for photography and poetry and for a preview of her book, as well as for all photography galleries.

In 2011 Lisa founded Triangle Tea Life, an organic/artisan loose-leaf tea company. The Inn gave her a platform to share the amazing health benefits of tea as well as her passion to help elephants and stop the ivory trade. You can visit her website at

We are combining our gifts and products to sell in our new store ~ Get Loose in Ptown ~ Tea Gallery ~ on Standish Street right off Commercial Street in the center of town.


 With grateful hearts, Doreen & Lisa Ph 508 487-3894


Willingness + Trust = Letting Go and Letting God   Leave a comment

Sometimes the things we want in our life come only after immediately surrendering to our present circumstances 





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