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When Bombarded . . .   Leave a comment

Media alerts, and each day’s chatter, mix with prayers of thanks and the many needs for all

Thoughts unknowingly, unwantedly seep deeper while we sleep

Does the vividness of dreams beckon our dissection of a possible prophetic message

Hoping for comforting assurance, and the semblance of desired truth


Seeking a life purpose will never be in vain

For the Lord of all proclaims to always guide our path

For the better part of self; the Spirit truly speaking

Engender faith and hope with all your heart for all the lives that you keep reaching







New Year’s Day 2014   Leave a comment

This New Year’s day

An icy, brisky, crayoned sky

Settled into mid-week holiday

Offering prayers of thanks for all the days

That God has brought us through

With hope for all that’s still to come

Deep seeded dreams

Time to pursue


New Years Day 14sm

Interpreting the Dream   Leave a comment

Follow the script — my dream spoke

As you walk in faith each word will be pronounced

The book of life that your life writes

Is written with each step you choose to take


In hindsight you call it destiny

But really it’s your script

When you deviate to try a different way

Your pain or difficulty will serve to teach another




photo copy 2

How Dreams Become Reality   Leave a comment


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