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Sworn Off Moonshine   Leave a comment

Sworn off moonshine —

Nights no longer haunt me

The Day and I have made a deal

To let its Light begin to heal



Sworn Off MoonshineMedia

Posted March 4, 2013 by doreenbirdsell in Spiritual Impressions

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What are the Odds   Leave a comment

    Today I gave a speech about being arrested when I was twenty years old and not having the money for bail — Then, the turnaround was doing service last week when I had the privilege of leading a meeting for twenty-eight young women inmates trying to recover from drug and alcohol abuse.

    A few hours before speech time I still needed more preparation. I asked Siri on my iPhone to direct me to the nearest library. When she said I had arrived there was no library in sight.  I asked a pedestrian for help and said I only needed a quiet public place with a table to do some work.  She pointed to an office building across the street. The only parking spot open on the entire long block was in front of Bad Boy Bail Bonds.  When I entered the building  I had to pass through a security checkpoint and be swiped for metal objects after having to remove my belt and jewelry to pass through. The office building turned out to be the Sheriff’s County Court House. I finally got to sit down at the Law & Order Cafe.

   I had been struggling with the opening of my speech and now I had one, along with a new title – God is never late and seldom early –




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