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Kenya Hear Me – Help Save our Endangered Elephants   2 comments

We have just adopted 11 month old baby elephant Roi from Sheldrick Wildlife Trust with proceeds from our Kenya Hear Me T shirt sales. Wearing a shirt helps spread the word — Please turn one adoption into many  — Kenya Hear Me — Help save our elephants and other precious wildlife from becoming extinct … Together there’s so much we can do … Go to Kenya Hear Me Facebook to purchase this one of a kind elephant art shirt for $25 and become part of‪#‎goteamivory‬ … ‪#‎kenyahearme‬

How to Know What’s in Our Heart   Leave a comment

~ Elephants are everywhere ~

Their cry has crossed the oceans

Piercing hearts that care worldwide

Oh God, may I seek you out continually, and always look within

With eyes to see Your glory, and Your story unfolding in the skies

Give our life a better purpose — To care for others, not just self

Before what we can see and touch, turns to vapor like the clouds





You Can Help Save the Elephants   2 comments

Last night, in New York City, I had the extreme honor of being in the presence of those who are dedicating themselves to preserving the life of the majestic elephant.

My partner Lisa Feistel’s passionate response to this atrocity has helped me by telling the story of their plight and being a philanthropist for their cause. It is contagious .. And this is how change occurs.

Chelsea Clinton, Vice-Chair of the Global Initiative, who moderated last night’s discussion on stopping the ivory trade, is pictured here with Dr. Joshua Ginsberg of the World Conservation Program Wildlife Conservation Society.
We rationalize our slaughter
For a winter coat, or tasty stew
Supporting our survival

They are killed for their ivory
For artifacts and trinkets
Ivory piano keys
Strike out notes of bloodshed

How could you one day look at your Creator
When all that’s earthly becomes dust
And justify these crimes

For many now who know what’s just
Will be raised from ashen dust
All souls of God’s creation
Will live to judge the rest



Ellie   Leave a comment

In the clouds, on the waves
In surf, and shifting sands
Everywhere we can see
The suffering reaching forth 

When we seek with the eyes of Spirit

Our hearts can hear their cry
One day we will be asked
How did we reply

(unretouched photo of the sand, Marconi Beach, Cape Cod)


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