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What to Do with the News   Leave a comment

So let’s talk about the news

The kind you overhear or what you choose

All is, and all can be

A sacred opportunity for positivity

It is free will to walk according to The Way

To enliven our mind

To open our hearts

To raise up our voice



So, God, I pray

When I hear Your Spirit say

This is your battle to fight

This is your heart to mend

That I will respond humbly encouraged

To gratefully always say YES


A Grateful Heart   Leave a comment

Dear Lord each day I wake and profess my thanks

By habit is it now

But never let it be I pray

By rote, a box to check

And forget to thank you from my heart

For the ability to see, to hear

To wake and walk upright

To hold another’s hand

To gaze into their eyes

To thank you for our lives



We are the River   Leave a comment

Lord, oh God, Creator

Most Mighty, Holy One, Sacred and Supreme

When in lowly valley I fall sullen

You appear mysteriously so sudden

You gratefully redirect

My wanderings and my schemes

And permeate my dreams

The earth, and all of us, Your creation

Symbolic of who You are

Rivers flow on endlessly

Quenching the thirst of earth and all dependent on it

The waters unseen work churns beneath the surface

Hiding deep within its banks and bottom

Precious gems and many treasures

Living waters return to You in greater measure 

By sweeping up each soul in its holy water

We, who You made most magnificent

We, who You trusted with Your creation

Return to You, most Holy One, who we call our Maker 

And better yet, to love you more, as our Mother and our Father



Standing Strong   Leave a comment


In a world of psychological blight

When fear and doubt obstruct our sight

Foundations crack to rock us to the core

Shaken yet not overtaken


Never can we ever lose our grip

Engraved in each of us the promised hope

No matter what the world can hurl at us

The truth still stands and will remain


This life is dust; this world a passing vapor

As day winds down and life’s years taper

Take up the banner; embrace the fact

That Jesus Christ is coming back


Don’t take my word; see for yourself

Invest in what cannot be corrupted

A promise of peace uninterrupted

Assurance of faith and love upon which we can rely


Faith is believing in what you cannot yet see

I know you know that only fools are mystified

The disease of more, false hopes, and temporal bliss

Try to cloud the minds of  poor souls who might miss

The Spirit’s call of heavenly angels in our midst

We know better — Yes we do

Love was, love is, and always will

Conquer every ail, and in Christ, eternally prevail






When the Wind and Waters Rage   2 comments

No matter what the inner voices have said

Whether damning words of fault and dread

The truth of the precious unreplaceableness of you and me

Is softly, sweetly, swiftly, in a time of need 

Spoken in a whisper

Our Creator’s emissary

A Spirit filled tsunami 

Guardian angel, Holy Spirit, Word of God, Christ on High

Have my heart drown out the lies 

With Your all consuming powerful ever present love 

How beautiful, astounding, more wonderfully amazing could it be 

That loving Spirit living inside of you and me

Dispelling all we fear

The promise of life to come

The battle won

If only I could see beyond what is imagined

Heaven in its glorious splendor for all eternity 

How minuscule, how incidental all else becomes

When You, oh God, and we are One

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From What I See   2 comments

In a world that sometimes seems so overcrowded

We get a glimpse of our minuteness

And then we see through eyes of known eternity

That even in this selfsame world

Lies still its vastness and abundance



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This World is Not My Home   3 comments

In anxiousness I twitch and flinch

I shake a leg, not as a metaphor

Impatient waiting for I know not what

Meditate, relax, and breathe

Words that offer little ease

The present becomes difficult

When subconscious projects peace of mind existing only in the future

Concluding that desired outcomes

Offer sure security

The truth, God’s word, and Spirit’s presence

Is food for mind and heart and soul

Without these three I would only be

A vacuous worldly prop

So when I twitch and flinch

And become so discontent

Remind me God that this place

Is just a temporary earthly tent




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