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How Much Time Do You Have for Me   3 comments

I can wait

For I am eternity

Waiting for your desire

To spend all of it with Me

Patience is a gift

And I cannot give to you

What is not already all of Me

Open your heart

And your eyes will see

A glimpse of all I have in store for thee

Be prepared to receive My love

In measure so immeasurable

It must overflow to burst upon a hungry, wanting, waiting world

As my messenger you receive

The gift of being my ambassador

You may not see your reward today but do not be forlorn

For hope is ministered through my angels’ hands to feed your soul, to keep you strong

Remember I am faithful

And I am always with you

Waiting, wanting, loving you


Peace in What’s Inevitable   Leave a comment

Parting with desired outcomes

Making peace with what is

Not with what should be

According to me

According to many

According to millions

Power in numbers

Is not nearly as great

And never will equal

The Power of God

Our Sovereign Lord

The Lover, Creator, and Leader of All







It’s Christmas   2 comments

What Jesus said – 
I am the light of the world and hunger for your love and attention, not in the same way a flower needs the bee to take from its pollen to multiply, for I am of the Father who created all and brought it into being – illustrating interdependence as an example of your need of the Spirit.

The Spirit lives in You and will live on forever. When it grows dark, light still exists – only with the eyes of the heart can it be seen – and then it dawns upon the mortal mind that it is not alone and only exists through the Spirit.

Listen for your calling as it is meant for you to hear and to know that you are loved and surrounded by a mighty force of peace and protection – that your soul is guarded and guaranteed a place with your Creator in paradise.  

Jesus came to teach these things and to reach your heart and still your mind and overturn old ideas of a law that has passed.  A new day has come, and still is, that we have the glorious privilege to witness and embrace, to receive the love of the One who loves us more than we can fathom.

It’s Christmas all the time.


The Return   2 comments

Endless are the days and tides 

divided by the night

Each soul takes rest with hope for a new tomorrow

Still awaiting the coming of the undetermined hour

For return of order and the promise of eternal life







God’s Hands   Leave a comment

From what was once barren and bleak

The irrepressible seed of life bursts forth to overcome 

In the miracle of spring

Constant and forbearing any obstacle

Proof the battle’s won 

This life on earth is fleeting, yet there’s so much more to come




The Miracle Surrounds Us

The Greatest Cargos in Life Come in On Quiet Seas   Leave a comment

Where am I without Your presence

Not knowing You are near

Existing only, lonely

Nothing worldly satisfies

Out of darkness, softly silent

You appear

Heart cannot contain my gladness

Freed imprisoned tears, holy water

Falling droplets, dripping downward

Salted air, caressing Spirits

Wanting only to linger always with You there

One day soon I know this joy of Oneness

Will forever be, eternity





No Time to Waste   Leave a comment

Use this time, and use it well
It never ends, but what is spent
Is invested in what will be



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