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A LEAP OF FAITH   Leave a comment

While cranking up the patio umbrella

Preparing for a brand new day

I found an unexpected friend was waiting there

Oftentimes her message represents

It’s time to take a leap

As was the case when first discovered

For that’s exactly what I did

She posed just long enough for us to get acquainted

Reminding me that I am not alone

And with God’s help we are all equipped

To always find our way

An umbrella for shelter

The ability to forage for our needs and even our desires

To be appreciated by another

And always to be ready

To take a leap of faith



Representing Placid Waters   Leave a comment

I believe that peace is a choice 

Some things are worth fighting for 

Like defending the voiceless and the young

But the majority of the time my thoughts can be wasted

On things that have not even been done

But only conjured by a worrisome idea

May faith be the blanket that shields me from ill thoughts

To be a beacon for the one who’s seeking shelter

A place to find true rest  


Easy Does It Always Wins   Leave a comment

Once again nature is my teacher

I turn the corner, pass the gate

And am tempted to push the pedal past the limit

Now, she could fly, but if she did we wouldn’t have this moment

And if I flew, how much I’d miss, especially her stately grace and beauty


In God’s Eyes   Leave a comment

There’s so much more that’s going on

So much more than eye can see

But like a train that’s run away

We hang on for the ride

Rejoicing to be in the fore

Facing things to come

With open heart and open arms

In the center of it all

With God and Christ and Spirit filled

Fear can nowhere hide

Displaced by faith

Burned out by light

Oh God I pray 

Keep us ever in Your love and sight



Becoming   Leave a comment

At once, without notice, or expectancy

Your presence overwhelms

With suddenness and urgency

I become a part of what is whole

Oh God, how grateful, ever grateful am I always

To recreate an image

To mark where we have met



Seapia Signed

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