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God Raise Me to Your Eternal Joy   Leave a comment

With thanks I lift my heart to You

To know the unexpected

Amazed by what I see

In my heart where your eyes see

Today friends in love unite

Surrounded by your presence

The flora bouquet of Your delights

Alive with more I pray each day



Staying Aloft   3 comments

I pray to not let the churning of the world’s endless disturbance

Deter me from the sacred space I share with Thee

Listening for the song of Your Spirit calling

In concert with all Creation

Attention on the promise of Your peace and Your protection

Overcoming darkness in the light of Your reflection

Mining the goodness in each other

Living because of Your unconditional gift of Love

That multiplies with every offering of thanks



Growing Closer to God   2 comments

Oh Lord I Pray

That while I feel as though sometimes confined within the bud

I trust in You with all my heart and incline to you my ear

To listen with faithful waiting

Ever ready for when You call

Without sight of what tomorrow holds

I trust that You are near

And thank You for a glimpse of Your presence here



Why We Need God   Leave a comment

Oh God, why do I stray

When You have shown You always know the way

The way that leads to peace, and joy, and life

You who are a constant source of strength for challenges unknown

The days of infancy are frail, and so vulnerable

We cannot survive alone

Now full grown I need You still

And desire You even more

Knowing that without You near

I am still so frail, and so vulnerable


Why We Need You

Roots   Leave a comment

The Root of an All Saints Day


Oh, did I succumb to sorrow swallowed by the years

Released by one suggestion

Remembering those now gone

Thank You God for this one great consolation

That where they are, we too, one day will be

Restored, reclaimed, by grace and love, at last, forevermore




Give us This Day our Daily Bread and Keep me Hungry for You, oh God   Leave a comment

Life begins with hunger in a world now separated from its source

A mother gone, a world unknown

Will hunger ever cease


There’s Nothing New Under the Sun   Leave a comment

For God has given us each our gifts

To reform, imitate and recreate

For all there is under the sun has really already been done



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