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A Grateful Heart   Leave a comment

Dear Lord each day I wake and profess my thanks

By habit is it now

But never let it be I pray

By rote, a box to check

And forget to thank you from my heart

For the ability to see, to hear

To wake and walk upright

To hold another’s hand

To gaze into their eyes

To thank you for our lives



Dance With Me in the Moonlight   Leave a comment

Silence dances in the moonlight to a tune only few can hear

She’s waiting for her call

Her silver slippers race in haste to catch the waiting Moonbeam

A celestial train for which she holds a ticket

Transported by the luminaries to bring solace and purpose to the hungry souls of earth

A rhythmic tide each day reminds us she is ever near

Lapping waters that soothe our soul soon become a waterfall

After each of us receive our call

To dance hand in hand with the Divine

With you and me and she makes three

I pray to dance with you for all eternity …



December 16, 2006   1 comment

December 16, 2006
– The most important document in my files –
At first meeting I thought you might be with me for just a while
Great friends, loving God, and each other
But God had bigger plans
For which I am grateful for in ways that words could never tell
But I will at least try and publicize
For all the world to know – ‘I love you
You are beautiful in kindness of heart, and in body and soul my Lisa Feistel’
…. I do 😉

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