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God, You’ve Given Us So Much to Work With   Leave a comment

First we prepare, and then we plant

Seeking an opportunity each day to grow

Recreating Your work of art

With an infinite palette of choices

Our faith with works illuminates the path to You




I’m not there yet … but I know God is both here with me now on this undecided shore, and at the same time faithfully watching and waiting for me in that place of victory where I soon hope to be …   Leave a comment


Victory may be a stone’s throw away

But first we have to pick up the stone, and then throw it…


Measuring the distance between here and a successful outcome …

Nothing happens in this lifetime without our participation

First we see – focus on our vision

How long … Set the clock

Execute … Faith with Works


We’re not done yet — Most important, is not what we receive, but what we give – This is the fruit of our labor as well…




In All Things Be Thankful  – For this is the will of God concerning us …  1 Thessalonians 5:1

Stone's ThrowSigned

They say, Action is the Magic Word   Leave a comment

When you’re not getting what you want

Get busy doing something else




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