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A Swirl of Emotions   1 comment

If weather were dictated by your emotions

Would there be more calm seas, and clear blue skies

Or wind and rain and dark stormy nights

Would your pictures be full of color

Or dramatically black and white

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Housekeeping for the Soul   Leave a comment

Why is it so, the importance of

Identifying feelings

Like dust upon a shelf

Once noticed it is dealt with

Only for more particles to inhabit

 What we continue to try to sweep away


A never-ending round of introspection

Soul’s vigilant inspection

Calling cleaning crew

To cleanse our hearts

And make us daily, new


Housekeeping for the Soul

Feeling Feelings   Leave a comment

My heart still aches

When the day is done

And business has no place left but to rest


When we find a friend that we deem best

We give to them a piece of our heart

And when they leave that piece seems to go with them

In its place is left a heart that resonates with the pain of others

A heart not broken, but rather stretched apart






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