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God Raise Me to Your Eternal Joy   Leave a comment

With thanks I lift my heart to You

To know the unexpected

Amazed by what I see

In my heart where your eyes see

Today friends in love unite

Surrounded by your presence

The flora bouquet of Your delights

Alive with more I pray each day



How Much Time Do You Have for Me   3 comments

I can wait

For I am eternity

Waiting for your desire

To spend all of it with Me

Patience is a gift

And I cannot give to you

What is not already all of Me

Open your heart

And your eyes will see

A glimpse of all I have in store for thee

Be prepared to receive My love

In measure so immeasurable

It must overflow to burst upon a hungry, wanting, waiting world

As my messenger you receive

The gift of being my ambassador

You may not see your reward today but do not be forlorn

For hope is ministered through my angels’ hands to feed your soul, to keep you strong

Remember I am faithful

And I am always with you

Waiting, wanting, loving you


When the Wind and Waters Rage   2 comments

No matter what the inner voices have said

Whether damning words of fault and dread

The truth of the precious unreplaceableness of you and me

Is softly, sweetly, swiftly, in a time of need 

Spoken in a whisper

Our Creator’s emissary

A Spirit filled tsunami 

Guardian angel, Holy Spirit, Word of God, Christ on High

Have my heart drown out the lies 

With Your all consuming powerful ever present love 

How beautiful, astounding, more wonderfully amazing could it be 

That loving Spirit living inside of you and me

Dispelling all we fear

The promise of life to come

The battle won

If only I could see beyond what is imagined

Heaven in its glorious splendor for all eternity 

How minuscule, how incidental all else becomes

When You, oh God, and we are One

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Changes for the Better   Leave a comment

It won’t be long before again the seasons change

From golds and reds and faint and fading greens

I pray as well with faith and hope for change

That is evident, and always ever better




Sticking Close   Leave a comment

Oh God, why do I stray

When I know You always know the way

Leading to peace, and joy, and life

The source of strength for challenges unknown

The days of infancy are frail and vulnerable

And cannot be made alone

Now grown am I and need You still

And desire You even more

Knowing that without You near

I am still so frail and vulnerable



Wings of Prayer   Leave a comment

When I let go will you be there

When I lean in far enough to fall

Will you be there to lift me when I call

You who made us all, tethered to the earth


Except for prayers that no know bounds

And never go unheard

On wings of Angels, our plea filled words

Are carried and known before they are even uttered





While The Day Still has Light   Leave a comment

May the time I spend in wondering be of how great, oh God, You are

And not in endless worry, or in want of what does not feed the soul

But instead I pray to draw near to You in love, and love more deeply still

To practice love of self and others

And to positively believe

That all together, all will be, for the good of a grander plan




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