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This Day   Leave a comment

Let me mark this day as one of reckoning

Where again I turn my heart and all to God

The only One who knew who would be next to come into the Kingdom

And yes although it’s hard to believe 

A Forgiveness, and a mercy, and a grace so great 

That somehow even the perpetrator has a place 

Oh God please help me here to love with your love of this sordid human race 



No Shame    Leave a comment

Shed feathers remind me that we are the only creatures that need to be covered – and that my life work has been to get to the place where I can stand naked before my Creator and have no shame – in thanks for God’s grace and love – and forgiveness –  

Eden   Leave a comment

Can’t tame the rain

And with Eden hidden

Till the cherubim’s duty is done

I can only tame me

And dance in the rain

Let go of the pain

For all has been forgiven




How to Maintain a Healthy Heart   Leave a comment

It’s natural to not always see things eye to eye

But it takes courage not to walk away

And instead confront our differences face to face

Overcoming obstacles that only block our heart





Where Would We Be Without Bridges   Leave a comment

To heal the spaces between us

And to bridge the gap that sometimes divides us

Love, carry me to where, of myself I could not go



On the Other Side of Time   Leave a comment

When the worries of the world and its sorrows are forgotten

I’ll take with me, I pray, all the love behind I’ve mined

And bring to You, in a vessel new

My praise and my devotion

I’ll tell You tales of wonder

That You already know

And You’ll delight in my unbridled joy

To share with You, now face to face

Words replaced with hearts that interlace


it's a beautiful day file copy

Can We Bring Back the Color   Leave a comment

There is so much of me you do not see

You’re blinded by the color

The details, clear and sharp, are blurred

Like words that drunkards slur


You paint a stroke so careless and so broad

And gather all you can to self

As though there’s no one else


Changes occur so slowly; you’re too self absorbed to notice

Then like a storm of unrelenting lightning strikes

Realizations, undeniable, and frightening

The world as you once knew it

Has begun to disappear


Your hoarding, greed, and fear, and doubt

Sucked out all the color of your life

The choice is sacred, now supreme

And there’s only one to make

Will it be black — Will it be white


What you perceive as gray — is held together by grace

Like a reckless child, the rest you have erased

Only black and white remain

And that too, is fading fast


Oh God, I pray bring back the color to our world

When care-free choices once were many

I frolicked through each season

Taking for granted, there would be a next


 The evidence, the knowledge, is a stark and grievous burden

One more chance, I beg to see

To save what’s left of me

Then with hope, to save another

That we, with You, bring back to life, the wonder, and the color




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