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Things are Looking Up   Leave a comment

You can float — And you can fly

And even walk if the ground is dry

Your very presence offers me

Reminders of endless possibilities




Know the truth, the truth that will set us free and keep us free   1 comment

The truth will set you free — Yes indeed … First consider the source — do the research … our very lives and the lives of our posterity depends upon it … Thank you God for the indwelling Spirit of truth and your ever-recognizable love for us that cannot be contained, and only expands when shared — Make me a channel of your peace — a useful, resourceful, ever-seeking, never ceasing, always grateful, citizen of heaven.

To Be Free   Leave a comment

The rain effects us all

For some it’s joy and others sorrow

Rain produces crops but also mold

Life goes on and yet I know

To live with God in mind and heart

Promises a life beyond what one ever could imagine

Ps – After our photo session this little guy found his way back to the garden and to freedom 😉


Independence Day 2015   Leave a comment

So much to celebrate — You’re free to be you, and I’m free to be me — with my loving family — Grateful to be living in this place, on this day, and in this age. FB

Come Fly with Me   Leave a comment

 My hands, my heart, a camera, and letters from A to Z

Tools for you to use in me to craft a work for Thee –

Not caring about what others think gives me freedom to be me

Yet judging self stands to be more oppressive than earth’s gravity


When I believe in You, and not the whisperings of  ‘You are lesser than’ lies

It is as if You’ve hoisted me upon Your wings to fly

To not avoid this world’s realities but to give me a better view




Autumn Weddings in Ptown   Leave a comment

From foliage to seaside

Promised love, to go the distance

Love that knows no boundaries

Judges not; embraces all




At Long Last   Leave a comment

Obama’s Agenda:
Climate change
Energy reform
Gay rights

Amen – This climate needs to change
Societal and religious thinking rearranged
To lift the undue burden of sin and shame


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