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The Fruits of Life   Leave a comment

There’s nothing more simple or valuable

Than just being with the ones we love


FBPetunia Mom's Day

I Am a Classic   Leave a comment

I know you’ll soon be coming

You will most likely expect me to be waiting here

I hope you know that I have missed you

I’m wondering if you are near


I’ve seen you, heard you, touched you

Often catching the other by surprise

Then next I knew, you were saying your good-byes

While imbedded in my heart were the memories we had made


You hid me in your rooms

Like a child disobeying rules

Under quilted covers playing games

Your love had made me tame


You’ll not find your waiting furry friend

When next you come to stay

But let that please not hinder you

For my Spirit still remains



The Spur of the Moment   Leave a comment

I love people that pose for the camera –

Especially my friends that aren’t shy – conscious of self – or stop to ask why –

I don’t know why some rather turn away, but those that don’t, really make my day.

To capture their moment of joy always doubles mine. 




Father’s Day   Leave a comment


Thank you Father for this beautiful day – for a special one to love, along with friends; a supportive staff – and life that never ends


All things work together for good for those who love God   2 comments

Jane Pollak Blog – Need Inspiration – Watch Doreen Birdsell Speak

I’ve heard it said that you should consider yourself blessed if you have at least five friends in your life that you know you can count on … I call these my five finger friends.

Jane Pollak is one of them.  Today she featured me on her blog for my recent marathon of speeches at Toastmasters to quality for a speech contest here in Sarasota.  I joined Toastmasters in October back in CT because of Jane’s suggestion to hone my gift as a speaker.  She didn’t mention that in her blog – but to me personally she said,  “God gets the credit – I am just the messenger” – and what a messenger she is.

I don’t think I’ve ever been more motivated or impassioned by anything else in my life — and there’s much about what I do in my life that “I” love — but this is this first time I’ve ever felt that speaking is what I was born to do and now understand when people say they felt a call on their life … in my case God spoke through many loved ones – my ever supportive partner, Lisa and friends both new and old.  Finally, I listened and it’s what I think about waking and sleeping.

Thank you Jane for bringing me to this threshold — and to all my friends, for your support on my new journey to becoming an inspirational speaker. 

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