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Crossing Paths   2 comments

I look for crosses everywhere

Especially when doubtful or in despair

But how amazed am I

When crosses cross my path

Unknown to me instead



Staying Plugged In   Leave a comment

Whatever your method

Books, church, temple, mosque, or prayer

Wherever, whenever, and however we seek Him

He will always be there 




Known   Leave a comment

The Spirit speaks with words and ways

More instant than a lightning streak

Quicken quickly my heart’s hope to know

You oh God, You oh God, who loves us so


Grateful, ever grateful am I to see

Your answer flowing through to me

I smile uncontrollably


Your life and love inside of me

Brings tingles to my palms

Radiating from another source

From both within and from without


Liven my heart and ready my steps

I pray I pray I wait on Thee

Stay with me a while longer

Before the day takes her course

To bid me where You will


Be here now and keep me still

Until I must rise and answer the demands

This body needs to keep it filled


Resisting mortal need

I pray to quench the Spirit’s thirst

To keep You always first




The Gift in our Midst   Leave a comment

This image reminds me of how the story of Jonah draws to a close — “Then the Lord God provided a leafy plant and made it grow up over Jonah to give shade for his head to ease his discomfort, and Jonah was very happy about the plant.”

I often ponder the story of Jonah – Sent by God to tell Ninevah they would be destroyed – Instead, Jonah, ran the other way fearing that they would destroy him after delivering the bad news – Jonah boarded a ship, and when a storm brewed that endangered all they blamed Jonah for their peril so they threw him overboard. He was swallowed by a whale and spat out three days later — This story is often referred to as the prophecy of Jesus Christ being in the tomb for three days before he returned to His immortal state.

One day I know that all will be made plain. Until then I trust God for what is, and what will be — And I am grateful for this season of remembrance of God’s love, and the sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ who walked out of that tomb to everlasting life – It’s so hard to fathom how much I am loved by God and Jesus, and the Spiritual realm that exists in our midst.


Jesus, My New Friend   Leave a comment

– During a spiritual retreat that I’ve been participating in for the past few weeks, I was asked to speak to Jesus as though He were my friend and listen for his reply – I always talk to God, my Higher Power, and pray in Jesus’ name, but don’t recall ever having a conversation that has been solely to Jesus except to simply say, thank you. Like most relationships it’s developing day by day as I continue to stay in touch –


I think it would be incredible to have You as a friend

I’d allow myself to have more fun – and live with far less fear

I want to be so much more conscious of Your being near

To see you in all that’s living

Even in the breeze on leaves of trees that wave hello

Your breath that wakes them shaking, waving, swaying

Saying, Hey there, notice me


Look around at all the wonder

And don’t be so surprised

I’ve always been here with you, ‘round you, in you

Like lightning, thunder, rain, and sun

Stick with me — we’ve just begun

My love for you is wondrous – spectacular and divine


It’s not all work and ritual

It’s amazing when we’re One

I’m not saying things don’t get difficult

Or that suffering won’t come

But let me walk you through it

There’s nothing that together, we cannot overcome



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