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Turning Things Around   Leave a comment

My early beginnings led to the gutter

But the seed of the Spirit was planted, not buried

To witness life now from a miraculous perspective



FBTurning Things Around

Advent’s Light Beyond the Darkness   Leave a comment

Oh Morning Sun, shine upon this soul

Rise up, abort the lingering shadows

Exchanging light with hope

Refine the ragged edges of my faith

Or cast your shadow long

That I might have a path to follow

To search You out beyond the darkness

 As one drowning

Desperate to surface

Your light, my life

Your love, the air I need to breathe

May I embrace the day, though suffering

To know there is an end

Reach out to save this soul

Sunken deep in hibernation

Where oh God is our connection

Is this the shadow time of waiting

To ponder what comes next

Anticipating and remembering

Your Son once born to earth?

Please revive within this soul

Christ Jesus’ love and spirit

New life, to give it purpose






Looking Back   Leave a comment

I wonder, what were my thoughts; appearing so intent on the scene in the dunes of Cape Cod that summer of 1993?

Unattached and swaying by right-wing Christian beliefs, I was asking God in those days,

“Whom would you have me to love.  Would you really not let me in heaven ’cause I’m gay.”

I was seeking the truth and studying scripture when the very next autumn she walked through the door

Love overtook us — The answer was clear

Love knows no boundaries; nor shows prejudice

This truth made us free, to love and to marry

To be blessed in God’s eyes






Looking Back

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