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Faith is the Substance of Things Hoped For …   Leave a comment

It is wise to question one’s direction

And to be open for suggestions

But never leave home without a destination

For those that wander

Do get lost

And can be a hazard to those whose path they cross

Without a goal we squander opportunity

While standing still to contemplate

Choose to pray or meditate

This is productive waiting

Letting patience do her work

Setting sights with hope

To live fully in the now

Seeking Spirit’s strength to foster faith

Hope renders the potential of what promises to be

An exciting new adventure




Have a Good Day   Leave a comment

Jesus said “There is only One that is good … That One is God” – Jesus did not say God is “best” because there was nothing, or no one that could compare to our Creator, nor will there ever be.

Strive to do, and to think, and to pray, for what is good … And at the end of the day, pray to see the good of God at work through the eyes of a good heart –

Trust that there is nothing under the sun that God does not see – We have a call on our lives to do what is good … Not according to misinterpretations of theology but by the goodness of God in our hearts … May love be the beginning, the measure, and the goal.


It’s All Good   Leave a comment

On New Year’s Eve, our friend wrote this on our blackboard where we see it every day here at the Inn.  And there it will remain, where it is needed to be seen, for these have  been trying times.  The simplicity of this message is so powerful that I would stop to remind myself to look at its message, breathe it in, and be reminded that ALL IS GOOD.

“All things work together for good, for those who love God.”

You oh Lord who keeps me in the now

Who gives sight to the blind

Leaves no searching soul behind

Relieve me of all fear and doubt

To You, oh God, I shout

With praise and love

For all You are

And for the unmerited gifts

Bestowed on me 

Grateful seems too small a word to express my thanks to Thee


It's All Good

Taste and See that the Lord is Good   Leave a comment

Life is sweet

Sometimes bitter

But always precious



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