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We are the River   Leave a comment

Lord, oh God, Creator

Most Mighty, Holy One, Sacred and Supreme

When in lowly valley I fall sullen

You appear mysteriously so sudden

You gratefully redirect

My wanderings and my schemes

And permeate my dreams

The earth, and all of us, Your creation

Symbolic of who You are

Rivers flow on endlessly

Quenching the thirst of earth and all dependent on it

The waters unseen work churns beneath the surface

Hiding deep within its banks and bottom

Precious gems and many treasures

Living waters return to You in greater measure 

By sweeping up each soul in its holy water

We, who You made most magnificent

We, who You trusted with Your creation

Return to You, most Holy One, who we call our Maker 

And better yet, to love you more, as our Mother and our Father



Finally Landing   Leave a comment

Making a landing can be smooth or rough

Dependent on how you plan

First chart a course

Then pack a lot of prayer


Oh God, you are my wind to lift

To determine my ascent

But more important is when I land

With faith and trust that You are always there






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