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A LEAP OF FAITH   Leave a comment

While cranking up the patio umbrella

Preparing for a brand new day

I found an unexpected friend was waiting there

Oftentimes her message represents

It’s time to take a leap

As was the case when first discovered

For that’s exactly what I did

She posed just long enough for us to get acquainted

Reminding me that I am not alone

And with God’s help we are all equipped

To always find our way

An umbrella for shelter

The ability to forage for our needs and even our desires

To be appreciated by another

And always to be ready

To take a leap of faith



Good Night October   Leave a comment

Good night October

Your pumpkin skies

And dusty raspberry clouds

Fill the heavens with reflections of

The riches of an autumn harvest

Iridescent reminiscence of God’s provision for us all




Becoming   Leave a comment

At once, without notice, or expectancy

Your presence overwhelms

With suddenness and urgency

I become a part of what is whole

Oh God, how grateful, ever grateful am I always

To recreate an image

To mark where we have met



Seapia Signed

Appetizers   Leave a comment

Fear keeps us in her grip

And sharing seems impossible

Regardless of how much we’ve stored

It will never be enough

If faith is not the entreé



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