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Living as One   4 comments

Aware you’ve drawn to me your sole attention

I freeze in wonder where to turn

Readying to swiftly spring to speedy flight

Then as usual in calm composure you casually stroll away

You see my likes most every day

But how often do you take the time

To contemplate my being

Or comprehend the miracle that we are all connected

Not by Easter or sadly not by stew

But rather that the same Creator

Loves as much both me and you



Precious Petunia the Pit   2 comments

After walking Petunia one morning – I took a seat on the third step of the staircase in our home while Petunia sat on the floor before me – Leaning over, my arms crossed, to rest on my knees, I surveyed more closely her moist, red and swollen paws … my heart full, ideas spent, praying what to do.

My partner Lisa, and I had exhausted all we knew — Vets, medicine, sprays, baths, and even boots that only contained the bacteria and prevented healing from the burns caused by her abuse as a six month old puppy.

It was then, Petunia, licked my toes, that overlapped the soles of my sandals, and held me with the gaze of her warm golden eyes. Like a spotlight in my mind that tethered hers to mine, I felt her say, “I need sandals, like yours, when I go out and play.”

That made sense — her pads would be protected and her feet would have air to heal.  It was then the journey to find the special shoe maker began and led us gratefully here…

Click on the link below to see how far and wide the love for Petunia has spread .

Precious Petunia the Pit

Consideration   Leave a comment

Where we’re headed has as much to do

With where we’ve been

No matter how gently or abrupt

We always create a wake

Intentional or not



What we Stand for   Leave a comment

This tree has such a story

I’m not worthy to tell it well

I saw her standing there in all her glory

Only one year ago

Now alone she stands

Not quite as grand

Beleaguered with the threat of grinding metal

Stripping all that’s in its path

I prayed for her and still I do

For all who tear at creation’s flesh

Not mindful of the Spirit



Thank you God for Nature; for us to Imitate   Leave a comment

We strike out on our own to seek success and self-sufficiency

Then perhaps we add a spouse, some kids, a dog

And, of course, a house for all

But what about these little ones

Making life with all they have; with all that they could be

Perhaps the inspiration for the very first RV



All of Creation is One Family with One Creator   Leave a comment

A family that watches, and waits, with purpose to protect

Making sacrifice of self, to nurture, and to nourish 

Born of a creator with instinct to preserve 

This is how love is multiplied

And God is magnified



Perception   Leave a comment

God, I pray, please give to me

Eyes that see Your goodness

Beyond the darkness looming bright

Your love, true hope, and light


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